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Carol the Pilgrim and her team welcome you to Via Francigena Tours! We offer guided and self-guided pilgrimages along the ancient, medieval pilgrim route from Canterbury to Rome.

The Via Francigena pilgrimage is based on a journey taken by Sigeric when he became Archbishop of Canterbury in 990 AD. This meant he had to travel to Rome to receive his Pallium from the Pope. On his way home he wrote a diary recording the 79 places where he rested. And, these form the basis of today’s pilgrimage.

The entire pilgrimage covers a distance of 1900 km. This amazing journey through history and stunning landscapes passes through four countries. But, it is not always possible to walk such a long distance. So, Via Francigena Tours has selected three tours that are highlights of Sigeric’s Stopovers.

Via Francigena Acquapendente to Montefiascone Marathon

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