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Walking the Oxfam Trailwalker Virtual

Walking the Oxfam Trailwalker Virtual in the COVID Year

Walking the Oxfam Trailwalker Virtual became our challenge for November 2020. And it certainly raised our spirits in this COVID year. Here is how it unfolded!

The easy part was setting up our team of four. Then all we had to do was walk. Oxfam made this very easy for us because we could walk anywhere, anytime. We each set a goal of 100 km for the month of November. I had big ambitions to walk the eight Oxfam trails. However, I only managed half of the trails and much more besides.

Via Francigena Tours Oxfam Trailwalkers

Our team really appreciated the guidelines set for walking the Oxfam this year. We each live in Sydney where COVID numbers are quite low. But for safety reasons we could walk alone or as a team. So we each achieved our 100 km walking goals with a mix of groups and various walking trails.

But the best part was the fundraising. The idea of fundraising was somewhat daunting! But with the help of family, friends, Oxfam and Deloitte we managed to raise a total of $3786. It gives us great pleasure to know that in such difficult times we are able to help the needy!

We are also very excited to know that by raising $1000 we become members of the VIP Trailblazer group. This means that in December we will receive a cup and Trailblazer Buff to wear with pride when we go out walking.

Oxfam Trailwalker Virtual Memorable Moments

Oxfam Trailwalker Virtual gave each of us heaps of encouragement to get out there and walk! And in Sydney, Australia there are plenty of beautiful places to walk! We live in the Northern Beaches in Sydney. And there is no shortage of beautiful walks along the beaches and in our National Parks. So stay tuned for some of our ‘Memorable Moments’ on November’s as an Oxfam Trailwalker.

Dee Why Headland

My first walk was with Paul was along the scenic cliff walk from Dee Why to Curl Curl. This walk has magnificent distant views to most of the Northern beaches. There is a constant presence of turquoise waters, lapping waves and scanning the horizon for whales or dolphins. But, what was new on this walk was the abundance of Australian flannels.

John Oxley Trail

John Oxley Trail is one of my standby walking trail walks. It is close to home in Garigal National Park. I enjoy walking there are sunset and has amazing wildlife, trees and flowers.

Long Reef

Long Reef is one of Sydney’s most beautiful beaches. It is an ancient volcanic headland with beautiful rock pools and pristine beaches. The walk begins with panoramic views all the way to Palm Beach. Then a walk along the beach to Dee Why. And back again to through Dee Why lagoon trail known for its unique bird life.

Lyre Bird Track

Lyre Bird track is another beautiful trail along Middle Harbour in Garigal National Park. It follows the waters of Middle Harbour to Davidson Park at Roseville. In this reserve the tired and weary Oxfam stop and rest after the long walk from Berowra Waters.

Here are some other beautiful walks that we did!

Davidson Trail

Cascades Trail

Clontarf Trail

Slippery Dip Trail

Carroll’s Creek Trail

Perimeter Trail

Dobroyd Head