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Via Francigena Coronavirus Updates

Via Francigena Coronavirus Updates

Via Francigena Coronavirus Updates

As the coronavirus spreads throughout the world, each nation reacts differently. Australia is currently gripped by a ‘Great Toilet Paper Stampede’. No one can quite work out why! But how is the rest of the world reacting? To find out here are some links and information for current Via Francigena coronavirus updates.

On 23rd July 2020 there are almost 15 million cases of the virus world wide and 618 017 deaths. Many nations are experiencing a second wave of the virus leading to changes in restrictions. So it is best to check websites for current information.

For Australians the international borders are still closed. In addition, Qantas is not expected to resume international flights until between January and June next year. Also, Australia is experiencing significant daily increases of the virus and its state borders are closed. So it is highly unlikely that Australians will be able to walk the Via Francigena until late 2021.

EAVF Via Francigena Advice

The EAVF is carefully monitoring the situation along all routes along the Via Francigena. Officials are endeavouring to maintain the walking trails and offer advise on covid safety and accommodation. This link will give you the latest travel updates. In the article you will find safety information for pilgrims and a list of available accommodation. There is also a summary of the situation in each of the Via Francigena countries. The article also provides links to the hiking guidelines for each country.

Via Francigena and Italy

The Italian Ministry of Health updates its information daily with statistics about the spread of COVID-19 in Italy. On 23rd July there are 245,338 cases of the virus and 35 092 deaths. Travel within Italy is allowed without restriction between EU countries and the UK. Other nations can only enter Italy with a valid reason.

For those able to enter Italy and walk the Via Francigena. It is still unclear which hotels are still open. Also, we strongly advise booking hotels well in advance. And please be aware that hotels require face masks and social distancing.

Via Francigena in Switzerland

Switzerland is experiencing a rise in cases since it eased restrictions in mid-June. Currently there are 34 000 cases and 1975 deaths. The Via Francigena passes through the Valais and Vaud Cantons. Face masks are required on public transport. And in the Vaud and Jura, where there are more cases face masks are also required in shops. Those travelling from high risk areas are required to have a 10 day quarantine.

Via Francigena in France

Currently, there are 179 398 cases in France and 30182 deaths. The largest numbers of cases are in Île-de-France. Walking the Via Francigena is now possible using safety precautions. It is possible to travel with the European zone without restrictions. But travel from outside the European zone is still restricted.

Via Francigena for UK

On 23rd July 2020, there are 297,146 confirmed cases of the coronavirus in the UK. Follow the link for further information.

In Summary

Via Francigena Tours is providing updated information and relevant links on COVID-19. Some countries are opening their borders, whilst others are experiencing increases in numbers. There is uncertainty around obtaining flights to tourist destinations. Whilst it is becoming possible to walk the Via Francigena there is still uncertainty about hotels. Given the status of a pandemic, it is apparent that for the safety of everyone, it is best to stay home and walk the Via Francigena at a later date.

Via Francigena Tours has cancelled all of its tours for 2020. Stay tuned for our 2021 dates!