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Via Francigena Coronavirus Updates

Via Francigena Coronavirus Updates

Via Francigena Coronavirus Updates

As the coronavirus spreads throughout the world, each nation reacts differently. In Australia the lockdown began with a ‘Great Toilet Paper Stampede’. No one can quite work out why! But how is the rest of the world reacting? To find out here are some links and information for current Via Francigena coronavirus updates.

Currently, in Australia the numbers of the virus are increasing. International travel resumed towards the end of 2021. So it is highly unlikely that Australians will be able to walk the Via Francigena until later in 2022.

EAVF Via Francigena Advice

The EAVF is carefully monitoring the situation along all routes along the Via Francigena. Here is the latest news from the official EAVF regarding COVID. This link provides information about the situation in each Via Francigena Country.

Via Francigena and Italy

Go to Italian Ministry of Health for current 2022 updates. The Italian government has strict measures in place to avoid spreading the new strain of the virus.

Via Francigena in Switzerland

Switzerland is experiencing increasing numbers of cases of the new strain of the virus. Since the the Via Francigena passes through the Valais and Vaud Cantons it is wise to check the current situation before travelling.

Via Francigena in France

France is experiencing increasing numbers of the new strain of the virus. So, follow the link for information about restrictions and travel in France.

Via Francigena for UK

Restrictions are in place for coronavirus in the UK. Go to the link for further information.

In Summary

Via Francigena Tours is providing updated information and relevant links on COVID-19. If you wish to travel please read the information carefully. We welcome all enquiries and hope to be able to offer guided and self-guided tours later in 2022.