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Via Francigena Stage 39 Bolsena to Montefiascone

39 Bolsena to Montefiascone

Via Francigena Stage 39 starts in Bolsena

Via Francigena Stage 39 Bolsena to Montefiascone is a 20 km walk. It is average in length, but has some demanding elevations. Santa Cristina Basilica is the starting point. Then there is a steep ascent to Monti Vulsini at 475 m elevation. At this height there are spectacular views of Lake Bolsena. The walk continues for about 10 km to Turona Park with its forests and cascades. Then there are more tiring ascents and descents. But all is forgotten when arriving at the 100 km to Rome signpost in Montefiascone. And then there is the pleasure of enjoying the views from Rocca dei Papa garden at 600 m elevation.

Stage 39 Elevations

Leaving Bolsena

Depart from Santa Cristina walking along Via IV Novembre. Exit through Porta Romana and turn left continuing uphill following the Via Francigena signs. After crossing a muddy creek, continue downhill towards Lake Bolsena. Here you will enjoy a final view of the city of Bolsena.

Continue walking steeply uphill admiring the views of Lake Bolsena.

39 Bolsena to Montefiascone

After more steep uphill walking arrive at a lookout with a seat and panoramic views of Lake Bolsena.

The uphill walk continues for a further 0.7 km to the first mountainous peak at 475 m. After turning right there is a steep descent for 1 km along an unsealed road in open spaces. Then uphill into a forest and more views of Lake Bolsena.

After walking for 8.5 km enter Turona Park where there is a picnic area and a water fountain for a rest stop. A little further along the road is a tiny church dedicated to the Madonna di Turona.

Good Bye Bolsena

After visiting the little church dedicated to the Madonna di Turona, continue for another 1.5 km walking beside the cascades. Eventually, arrive at a footbridge marking the passage from Bolsena to Montefiascone. Also, a reminder that Rome is approaching!

Pilgrim’s Rest

Leaving Turona Forest behind there is another kilometre of open spaces leading to a very welcome Pilgrim Rest at Monte Vulsini!

Last stretch to Montefiascone

For several more kilometres the walk continues in open spaces with distant views of Lake Bolsena. And even some distant views of Montefiascone!

Welcome to Montefiascone

After a very steep downhill descent we arrive at Via Cassia. After carefully following the road a short distance we turn left. As always on this walk there is a very steep walk for 4 km. Then we meet Via Cassia again! But with a special greeting from the 100 km to Rome sign!


It is a short walk through the streets of Montefiascone. On the way, don’t miss the Basilica of San Flaviono! This Basilica contains all the history and essence of the city! Then continue for another very steep ascent to the Piazza 100 km from Rome. And even more steeply upwards to the Rocca dei Papi Garden. Here there are stunning panoramic view of Italy from every direction.

Click on the Montiafiascone link for further information. The via Francigena in Lazio begins in Acquapendente. Follow the link to find out more about Via Francigena Stage 38 Acquapendente to Bolsena. Also, stay tuned for our update on Sigeric’s visit to Montefiascone in 990 AD.