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Montefiascone to Rome

Tour Description

The Via Francigena goes all the way from Canterbury to Rome. But you only have to walk the last 100 km to receive your Testimonium in Rome. So walk the Via Francigena Montefiascone to Rome and take only take 7 nights or 8 days to arrive in Rome. Most importantly, you will be delighted with all the surprises that Lazio has to offer! Don’t miss out! Sign up for our Via Francigena Montefiascone to Rome self-guided tour and walk the last 100 km to Rome! 

Read our Montefiascone to Rome post for more information!

What to Expect

This walk covers Via Francigena Stages 40 to 45. The terrain varies from the ancient Roman Via Cassia to the modern busy day Via Cassia. There are beautify medieval towns and cities steeped in history, culture, art, good food and wine. These include Montefiascone, Viterbo, Vetralla, Capranica, Sutri and Campagnano di Roma. You walk amidst fields, woods, vineyards orchards and swiftly flowing streams. However, on the approach to Rome there is the busy Via Cassia. But this has the advantage of lots of rest breaks in bars and the joy of walking through Monte Maria and into Rome.

Our Via Francigena Montefiascone to Rome tour has something for everyone. For those who love history, walk with saints and martyrs whose lives are written in the landscape and the mighty cathedrals. Artists and photographers will be enchanted by the stunning panoramas of the Lazio countryside. Also, there are plenty of frescoes, sculptures, ceramics and paintings to see along the way. And, archaeologists will be delighted with all of the Etruscan, Roman and Medieval ruins.

Best of all is the delicious Italian food, wine and hospitality! But above all relive the ‘joy’ of pilgrims past as they gaze in awe at the Dome of St Peter’s Basilica from Mons Gaudi, ‘the mountain of joy’. And finally, the privilege of entering St Peter’s Basilica, going to the Sacristy, and receiving your Via Francigena Pilgrim’s Testimonium!


Day 1Arrive in Montefiascone

Montefiascone is a good place to begin walking the Via Francigena pilgrimage because it is located 100 km from the tomb of St Peter in Rome. The first day is spent travelling to Montefiascone. Then enjoy all the places there are to see in the afternoon and evening. Especially enjoyable is the Est!Est!Est! and discovering how the wine got its name! Go to our ‘Montefiascone and the Via Francigena’ post to discover some of the amazing places to see!

Day 2Stage 40 Montefiascone to Viterbo, 17.5 km

Via Francigena Stage 40 is an easy 17.5 km walk mostly along unsealed roads surrounded by open fields with distant panoramas. It is downhill for the first 6km through olive groves and beautiful landscape. The highlight is walking along well-preserved Via Cassia Antica paving stones. Then there are the ancient thermal springs of Bagnaccio with a bar, Pilgrim Passport stamp and maybe a swim. The final stretch to Viterbo is along unsealed roads through open fields with distant panoramas of the Cimini Mountains. Enter the city of Viterbo through Porta Fiorentina and be amazed by the enormous city walls!

Day 3Stage 41 Viterbo to Vetralla, 19 km

Viterbo to Vetralla is a walk of average difficulty introduced in 2023 as an alternative to the previous route undergoing repairs. It is mostly along minor unsealed roads and gravel paths through open fields and forests. San Martino al Cimino and Tre Croci are two interesting small historic towns with bars for rest stops. Just before Vetralla visit the ruins of the medieval Church of Santa Maria di Forcassi. This area was the 5th place, Furcari, where Sigeric stayed in 990 AD. Then there are many places of historic significance in Vetralla, especially the Church of San Francesco.

Day 4Stage 42 Vetralla to Sutri, 24 km

It is a 24 km walk of average in difficulty from Vetralla to Sutri mostly through orchards, forests and minor roads. Highlights include the ancient medieval towns, Vetralla, Capranica and Sutri. Then there are interesting walks through oak forests, orchards, hazelnut groves, and a trail beside a swiftly flowing river. Sutri itself is a highlight with many amazing features in Parco Naturale Regionale like the Etruscan necropolis, ancient Roman amphitheatre and a frescoed mithraeum. Then enjoy the narrow streets, palaces and churches in the hilltop town.

Day 5Stage 43 Sutri to Campagnano di Roma, 24 km

The walk from Sutri to Campagnano di Roma is average in difficulty mostly along unsealed roads and forest trails. It begins near the Roman amphitheatre and continues along unsealed roads to Monterosi for a rest break (10 km). The highlight is Monte Gelato Cascades with a rest break at the cascades (17 km). After that, follow minor roads and forest trails to Campagnano di Roma. There is a steep, but spectacular walk at the end with a pleasant arrival into the historic medieval city.

Day 6Stage 44 Campagnano di Roma to La Storta, 23 km

This 23 km walk is average in difficulty mostly along minor roads and forest trails. The panoramic mountain views of the Roman countryside are a feature of the walk. Two highlights are the visit to the Sanctuary of the Madonna del Sorbo and the historic town, Formello. Then there is a walk through Veii Park with many archaeological Etruscan excavations. Finally, there is a short stretch along Via Cassia to the Piazza della Visione where St Ignatius had his vision.

Day 7 Stage 45 La Storta to Roma, 19 km

The final stretch to Rome is average in difficulty with a variety of walking surfaces and undulations. There are several sections along busy streets with bars for rest stops. However, the busy streets are offset by two amazing parks. The first is the untamed Unsugherata Reserve on the outskirts of Rome. Then there is Monte Mario with stunning views of the city of Rome. Nothing can be compared with the first views of from from Mons Gaudi ‘mountain of joy’. Then there is the sheer delight of arriving at the tomb of St Peter and your Testimonium!

Day 8Tour finishes after breakfast

Tour Details
Tour prices below are indicative and can fluctuate seasonally. Final tour price depends on your specific itinerary and dates.

Tour Prices

  • Base price: €960 per person for double room
  • Single price in a group: €1150
  • Single travelling solo: €1380
  • Triple: €1930

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  • Luggage transfers
  • Breakfast
  • Walking guides (pdf)
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Information about how to arrive at your starting place, Montefiascone, is available on request.

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