Via Francigena Tours St Ives Holiday Expo

Via Francigena Tours St Ives Holiday ExpoCarol the Pilgrim spent two days last week at Via Francigena Tours St Ives Holiday Expo. Lots of shoppers and people planning holidays enjoyed hearing about the history and culture of the Via Francigena pilgrimage. It proved to be a great opportunity to immerse people in the idea of a walking holiday.

Holiday Maker’s Feedback

There were many big names at the Expo like Qantas Holidays, Trafalgar, Contiki, Intrepid/Peregrine, all presenting a big variety of holiday opportunities. But Via Francigena Tours was somewhat unique as it is based on a walking pilgrimage. People who like walking were very excited at the idea of a walking holiday. And very pleased to know that their non-walking partners could be transported and pampered in a mini-bus.

It was also obvious that holiday makers have very specific needs and travel dates. And many were planning their travels for next year. So catering for individual difference with flexible dates, and self-guided pilgrimages are a very important consideration in our tours.

Above all, the Via Francigena pilgrimage proved to have something to offer everyone. There was strong interest in walking, history and culture, local food and wine, art and architecture, spiritual connection, and travel writing. And, of course, the artists would love to walk and sketch.

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Via Francigena Tours St Ives ExpoA big thank you to everyone who enjoyed our new brochure! Especially the lady who took two because she loved the art work. And we were especially grateful to those who signed up for our newsletter. So, standby for our new edition.

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