Via Francigena in France


Via Francigena

The Via Francigena in France begins in Calais and continues across France to the Franco Swiss border just past Jougne. The 800 km walk can be organised into these sections:

  • Calais to Arras (150 km)
  • Arras to Reims (210 km)
  • Reims to Bar-sur-Aube (155km)
  • Bar-sur-Aube to Besançon (188 km)
  • Besançon to Jougne (97 km)

In 2019 Via Francigena Tours is offering self-guided or guided tours from Besançon to Orbe. This tour is designed to give continuity with our pilgrimage across Switzerland and into the Aosta Valley in Italy.

Besançon to Orbe

Day 1:      Besançon
Day 2:     Besançon to Foucherans (26 km)
Day 3:     Foucherans to Mouthier-Haute-Pierre (25 km)
Day 4:     Mouthier-Haute-Pierre to Pontarlier (27 km)
Day 5:     Pontarlier to Jougne (18 km)
Day 6:     Jougne to Orbe (19 km)

  • Via Francigena in France

Via Francigena in France Itinerary

Day 1: Besançon to Foucherans (26 km)

  • Leg VFF44 begins at Besançon, Sigeric’s stopover LIX, or 59, Bysiceon.
  • It follows Le Doubs river into the woods of La Chapelle des Buis.
  • The walk ascends about 300 m near the beginning.
  • Continuing through the woods it passes through the small villages of Morre, Montfaucon, Marais de Saône, and Mamirolle.
  • The last third of the walk passes through forested areas to Foucherans.
  • Limited accommodation is available in Trépot and Foucherans.

Day 2: Foucherans to Mouthier-Haute-Pierre (25 km)

  • VFF45 from Foucherans descends about 200m and then follows La Brême river to Ornans.
  • The rest of the walk is mostly level and passes through planes and forests to Ornans, Montgesoye, Vuillafans, and then Mouthier-Haute-Pierre.
  • Sigeric’s stopover LVII, 58 was at Nods, or Nos. But VFF45 does not pass through Nods.
  • There is one hotel in Mouthier-Haute-Pierre and two on the outskirts.

Day 3:  Mouthier-Haute-Pierre to Pontarlier (27 km)

  • The first half of Leg VFF46 passes through forests and ascends about 400m.
  • Ouhans and Vuillecin are the only two small town towards the end of the walk.
  • Pontarlier is quite large and has a good choice of hotels.
  • It is Sigeric’s 57th destination, Pinterlin.
  • It has interesting historical features, like:
    • The triumphal arch of the Porte Saint-Pierre
    • The historical old town
    • Church of Saint-Bénigne dating to the 10th century
    • It is the home of absinthe
    • Château de Joux
  • Go to Pontarlier Tourist Office for sight seeing information.

Day 4:  Pontarlier to Jougne (18 km)

  • Sigeric’s stopover LVI, or 56, is Antifern or Jougne.
  • VFF47bis is historically truer to the journey made by Sigeric in 990 AD.
  • Evidence suggests that he walked from Pontarlier to Jougne via Les Fourgs.
  • So we leave Pontarlier and follow trails close to the N57 to D9 to arrive at Hôpitaux-Vieus, Hôpitaux-Neufs and then Jougne.
  • It is possible to walk via Les Fourgs. But, the trails are not clearly signposted.
  • There are several comfortable hotels in Jougne.
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