Via Francigena in England

  • Via Francigena in England
    Canterbury Cathedral


The Via Francigena in England begins at Canterbury Cathedral and ends 37 km away in Dover. This short distance is steeped in so much history from prehistory to present day reminders of war time heroes. The landscape and tiny villages are so romantically English! And the Kent food delicious, especially Kent tea. It is a place of Castles and Cathedrals and the world famous ruins of UNESCO St Augustine’s Abbey.

Walking the Via Francigena in England is a great way to spend a long weekend! Or you can begin on this high note, cross the English Channel to Calais and walk to Rome!

Via Francigena in England Itinerary  

Day 1:  Canterbury Friday 29th May

Our Via Francigena in England tour begins in Canterbury. We meet in the afternoon at our historic guesthouse. And after settling into our rooms, we take a stroll through Canterbury walking beside the River Stour and stopping at an English pub. In the evening we enjoy a Canterbury Ghost Tour immersing ourselves in the mysterious history of the city. Then we dine in one of Canterbury’s pilgrim pubs.

Day 2:  Visit the sites in Canterbury Saturday Saturday 30th May

There are many historic sites to see in Canterbury. We begin in Canterbury Cathedral where we receive our pilgrim’s blessing and our first Pilgrim Credential stamp. Then we have a guided tour of the Cathedral and visit St Thomas Becket’s shrine. Next we walk to the UNESCO listed ruins of St Augustine’s Abbey. This is followed by a visit to St Martin’s Church, the oldest church in continuous use in the English-speaking world. And, of course, our tour of Canterbury would not be complete with a glimpse into the lives of Chaucer’s pilgrims in the Canterbury Tales Museum. Our pilgrim experience ends at Eastbridge Pilgrim Hospital and, like good pilgrims, we dine in the pub over the road.

Day 3:  VFE01 Walk from Canterbury to Shepherdswell (20 km) Sunday 31st May

The walk to Shepherdswell takes us along Pilgrim’s Way to the delightful village of Patrixbourne. Then we continue through the English countryside to Womenswold with its romantic thatched cottages and village church. After walking a further 6 km through forests and fields we reach Shepherdswell. Our destination for the evening is a charming Guesthouse where the Tipsy Gardener Micro bar and our evening meal awaits us.

Day 4:  VFE02 Walk from Shepherdswell to Dover (17 km) Monday 1st June

It is a level walk to Dover through fields and woods passing through Waldershire with its manor house and historic All Saints church. Then, there is an interesting walk through cow paddocks and fields of crops to Pineham, with more cows. After that, we mostly walk through fields and pastures until we descend into Dover. Finally, our journey ends at St Paul’s church with our Guesthouse nearby. After a short walk we visit the Dover Tourist Information centre for our pilgrim stamps and to see the Dover Museum.  We also visit St Mary’s church not far from the Museum. Then in the evening we enjoy a taste of Dover’s local foods and wine.

Day 5:  Visit the sites in Dover Tuesday 2nd June

The morning is spent visiting the White Cliffs of Dover with panoramas of the English Channel and Dover.  Then we visit Dover Castle and the secret war tunnels. Our Via Francigena in England tour ends in the afternoon and we make our way home or off to Calais for more adventures!

This Via Francigena in England tour is available as a guided or self-guided walk. If you would like the price for either option go to Contact and send us a message.