Via Francigena in Italy

  • Siena

The Via Francigena in Italy begins at Grand-St-Bernard Pass, and continues through the Aosta Valley, Piedmont, Emilia-Romagna, Tuscany, and into Lazio to Rome. The history, culture and landscape that you will experience on this journey is truly unforgettable.

2020 Guided Tour from Siena to Rome

Day 1:  Arrive at Siena

We arrive in Siena around mid-day and book into our hotel. Then in the afternoon we have a guided walking tour of Siena. In the evening we dine on the local food and wine.

Day 2:  Siena to Luciagnano d’Arbia (17 km)

We leave Siena about 9 am and walk for 4 or 5 hours to Luciagnano d’Arbia. We begin walking along Via Roma and follow the roads to Isola d’Arbia. Here we turn off onto a walking trail enjoying the Tuscan landscape and ancient villages. The views of endless rolling green and white hills and ploughed fields are mesmerising. We stop at Grancia di Cuna for water to a visit to the old barn and church. Then we continue to our final destination for the day.

Day 3:  Lucignano d’Arbia to Buonconvento (13 km)

We begin walking around 9 am and continue on the walking trail to Ponte d’Arbia. We visit this small visit village which marks the end of leg 34. Then we continue on the Buonconvento and spend the afternoon visiting the historic sights.

 Day 4:  Buonconvento to San Quirico d’Orcia (21 km)

Leaving Buonconvento we continue to Monalcino, then Torrenieri. We become absorbed in the endless rolling hills and white roads of Val d’Orcia. A disused track along Via Cassia leads us to San Quirico d’Orcia. Here we explore the historical sites of the city and enjoy the local food and wine.

Day 5:  San Quirico d’Orcia to Agriturismo Selvella (25 km)

We continue through the UNESCO listed Val d’Orcia with is extraordinary fusion of art, landscapes and ecosystems. Our first stop is at the baths of Bagno Vignon. Then we descend into the valley crossing three streams along the way. Next we have a steep ascent  of about 400 m to our rural destination for the evening.

Day 6:  Agriturismo Selvella to Proceno (25 km)

Next day we continue the climb to Radicofani for about 5 km.  And upon arrival we rest and admire the distant vistas of Val d’Orcia and the historical sites of Radicofani. Then we descend back back into the valley immersed in the boundless Tuscan hills and views of Mount Amiata. At Ponte a Rigo we take the alternate route to leg 37 and walk to Proceno. Here we spend the evening enjoying the sites of Procena with distant views of Tuscany and Lazio. And we dine on local food and wine at the Proceno Castle.

Day 7:  Proceno to Acquapendente (8 km)

We begin the day with a tour of Proceno Castel. Then take a short walk to Acquapendente enjoying the Lazio landscape. We enter Acquapendente through the medieval Porta Ripa. Then continue through the ancient streets noting all the places of historic significance to the Via Francigena. This ancient city has many interesting features, but it is most famous for its Cathedral of the Holy Sepulchre. In its ancient Romanesque crypt is a stone relic stained with the blood of Christ during the Passion. After visiting the Cathedral begin your walk to Bolsena.

Day 8:  Acquapendente to Bolsena (22 km)

It is a pleasant walk to Bolsena through fields and pastures. After 10 km we stop for a rest at San Lorenzo Nuovo.  And then we continue around the forests and trails surrounding Lake Bolsena.  Arriving in Bolsena we walk past Monaldeschi Castle where there is a museum dedicated to the history of the formation of Lake Bolsena, the Etruscan settlement, Romans and Middle Ages. Then, walk through the ancient streets to the Basilica of Santa Cristina famous for the Eucharistic Miracle. And, in the evening relax in a lakeside hotel and enjoy the local food an wine.

Day 9:  Bolsena to Montefiascone (18 km)

The 18 km walk from Bolsena to Montefiascone begins just past the Basilica of Santa Cristina and continues through forested areas dominated by views of Lake Bolsena. The highlight of this walk is the arrival in Montefiascone exactly 100 km from St Peter’s tomb. Then, the walk continues several kilometres to ascend to the Rocca dei Papi  with its astounding panoramas. This is a great place to sit and watch the sunset sipping the famous Est! Est!! Est!!! wine.  Of course, the tomb of the Bishop who gave the name to the wine and frescoes in the church of San Flaviano are an important visit.

Day 10:  Montefiascone to Viterbo (18 km)

There is spectacular scenery along the 18 km walk from Montefiascone to Viterbo. And a chance to walk along ancient paving of the Via Cassia and cool off in the thermal Baths of Bagnaccio.  Arriving at Viterbo you are greeted by its enormous medieval city walls enclosing an ancient Old Town. There are many historical places to visit and lots of churches like San Francesco and San Lorenzo. But, the Basilica of Santa Rosa is very special!

Day 11:  Viterbo to Vetralla (17 km)

The 17 km walk to Vetralla begins at Sant’Angelo in Spatha. On the way you can visit ancient Etruscan catacombs and the ruins of Ponte Camillario. The walk takes you through many fields and woods with a visit to the ruins of Santa Maria di Foro Cassia just before entering Vetralla.

Day 12:  Vetralla to Sutri (24 km)

Our walk to Sutri begins at Sant’ Andrea Apostolo in Vetralla.  Then we continue through extensive hazelnut and oak forests eventually arriving at Orlando Towers ruins. And then on to Capranica, a charming village with ancient Etruscan and Medieval features. Finally, you arrive at the ancient Roman Amphitheatre in Sutri. Don’t miss the Etruscan catacombs, hewn into the tuff rock face, the Mithraeum and the ancient Old Town.

Day 13:   Sutri to Compagnano di Roma (24 km)

Leaving Sutri the 24 km walk to Compagnano di Roma takes you through the beautiful Sorbo Valley to Monterosi. And then on to the Monte Gelato waterfalls, a good place to  stop for a rest. The walk continues to Veio Park and along a panoramic excavated street to the Church of St John the Baptist. And then, the final destination, Piazza Cesare Leonelli.

Day 14:  Compagnano di roma to La Storta (22 km)

The 22 km walk to La Storta continues along the Sorbo Valley. Visit the Sanctuary of the Madonna del Sorbo and find out about its fascinating history and legendary miracles. Then continue to the Church of San Lorenzo Martire in Formello. Next is Isola Farnese with its famous archaeological site and the church of San Pancrazio. And finally, the Chapel of the Vision where St Ignatius had a vision leading him to form the Society of Jesus.

Day 15:  La Storta to Roma (17 km)

The 17 km walk from La Storta to Rome begins along the busy Via Cassia. Then, it continues through Insugherata Park, and then Monte Mario Park. The highlight of the walk is ‘Mont Gaudii’, the happiness Mount, with distant views of St Peter’s Basilica. With renewed enthusiasm, the descent to St Peter’s Square begins.  And finally, the big moment where you receive your Testimonium under the watchful eye of St Peter!

This Via Francigena tour is available as a guided or self-guided walk. If you would like the price for either option go to Contact and send us a message.