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Montefiascone to Rome Via Francigena


Via Francigena Montefiascone to Rome is the last 100 km of the Via Francigena from Canterbury to Rome. Walking this last 100 km is a requirement for receiving the pilgrim Testimonium in Rome. There are six stages to walk which take six days or longer for a slower more relaxed walk. Every stage if filled with its own beauty, history and challenges!

Via Francigena Stage 40: Montefiascone to Viterbo

Via Francigena Montefiascone to Rome begins with Stage 40 which is an easy 18 km walk from Montefiascone to Viterbo. The walk begins at the Rocca dei Papi garden with its panoramic views from the Pilgrim Monument. After that it winds its way down through the ancient cobbled stone streets of Montefiascone. Then there is a pleasant walk for about 6 km through well-preserved sections of the ancient Roman Via Cassia Antica. It is an easy level walk through olive groves and open fields with distant panoramas. After walking 13 km enjoy a pleasant break at the thermal springs of Bagnaccio! Then continue for 4 km through open fields with distant views of the Cimini Mountains and Viterbo. Finally, Viterbo is approached through Porta Fiorentina!

Via Francigena Stage 41: Viterbo to Vetralla

Via Francigena Stage 41 is an easy 18 km walk from Viterbo to Vetralla. Begin by walking under the magnificent Loggia in the Palazzo dei Papi. Then exit the massive city walls through Porta di Valle. After that continue for 6 km along Strada signorino through towering columns of tufa limestone dug out by the Etruscans. After that there is a 4 km walk beside open fields. Then a steep section for 3 km through olive groves and orchards. The next 5 km are a level walk along streets and pastures and forest trails to Vetralla. Rest at the hotel and then visit the alleyways of the old town centre and San Francesco church in Piazza Umberto I.

Via Francigena Stage 42: Vetralla to Sutri

Via Francigena Stage 42 from Vetralla to Sutri is a challenging 24 km walk due to its distance and elevations. Piazza Umberto I is the starting point with a visit to the 9th century church of San Francesco. Then, leave the old town and walk through the outskirts of Vetralla for about 3 km to an oak forest. It is a steep, but pleasant walk through the forest for about 5.5 km to Via Cassia. Carefully, cross the road and turn left into olive, hazelnut and fig orchards. After walking 3 km arrive back at Via Cassia. Then begin a 4.5 km descent through more hazel nut and olive orchards to the charming medieval town of Capranica.


Capranica is an ancient medieval city filled with beautiful palaces, tiny alleyways and little churches. It is an ideal place to stop for a rest in one of the bars. Or even stay the night to shorten the journey. The church of the Madonna del Piano is a highlight with its miraculous image of Madonna and Child.

Leave Capranica and begin a steep ascent and descent for 2 km leading to a forest trail. The trail runs for about 5 km beside a swiftly flowing stream which is crossed several times. The trail finally arrives in an ancient Etruscan Necropolis in Bosco Sacro park. Here you can visit an ancient Roman amphitheatre, a frescoed Mithraeum dug deep in the tufa rock. And a visit to an ancient Villa and Castello di Carlo Magno. Then cross Via Cassia and walk uphill to the medieval town. Places to visit include the Cathedral of Santa Maria Assunta, other churches and the town centre with its fountains and ancient architecture.

Via Francigena Stage 43: Sutri to Campagnano di Roma

Via Francigena Stage 43 from Sutri to Campagnano di Roma is a 27 km difficult walk due to its length. Depart from the ancient Roman amphitheatre and walk along minor roads to the Golf Club “Le Querce”. After walking 10 km arrive at Monterosi and stop for a rest at a bar. Cross Via Cassia using the overpass and continue along minor roads and open fields. After about 10 km arrive at Monte Gelato Cascades. Stop for a rest at a bar and maybe even a swim! Then it is about another 7 km through forest trails to Campagnano di Roma. It is a very steep climb to the ancient medieval city with its churches and the beautiful Fontana dei Delfini.

Via Francigena Stage 44: Campagnano to La Storta

Via Francigena Stage 44 from Campagnano di Roma is a 25 km difficult walk due to its elevations and distance. Begin at Porta Romana and continue along minor steep roads surrounded by panoramic scenery. Then after about 6 km descend into the Sorbo Valley to the Madonna del Sorbo Sanctuary. Visit the Sanctuary and enjoy its in panoramic and peaceful setting.


Leave the Sanctuary and continue for about 4 km along minor steep roads to the delightful historic town of Formello. This town is famous for the ‘alphabet of Formello’ vase which helped decipher the Etruscan language. Also, there are palaces, churches and fascinating colourful little streets. So, visit the town and stop for a rest at a bar.


It is about a 12 km walk through minor roads, forest trails and fields from Formello to Veii. This was once a flourishing Etruscan city later destroyed by the Romans. Today it is a park with many archaeological sites, grazing sheep and waterfalls. Then a steep walk to Via Cassia and La Storta. This stage ends at the Piazza della Visione where there is a tiny chapel dedicated to St Ignatius’ vision.

Via Francigena Stage 45: La Storta to Roma

Stage 45 marks the end of our Via Francigena Montefiascone to Rome tour. It is a 19 km easy walk from the Piazza della Visione in La Storta to St Peter’s Basilica. First there is a 5.5 km section along Via Cassia. Then there is a 5.0 km section through Insugherata Park on the outskirts of Rome. After that there is a 4 km through streets in the outskirts of Rome to Monte Mario Park. Throughout the park there are spectacular views of Rome culminating in the summit, Mons Gaudi ‘mountain of joy’. There is where ancient pilgrims cried out with joy at the sight of the Dome of St Peter’s Basilica. Then there is a winding cobbled stone path leading down to Viale Angelico and on to St Peter’s Square. Lining up to enter the Basilica and going into the Sacristy to receive your Testimonium is a huge thrill!

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