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Discover the Via Francigena pilgrimage route

Via Francigena

The Via Francigena pilgrim route covers more than 2000km from Canterbury to Rome. It passes through 4 countries – England, France, Switzerland and Italy. It is based on the historic journery made by Archbishop Sigeric in AD 990.

About Us

Via Francigena Tours offers the best selection of Guided and Self-Guided tours across the whole Via Francigena route. They have been carefully designed to show you the most picturesque and historical sites in in the most comfortable way.

Our Services

Our Guided tours are led by highly knowledgeable and experienced guides who love sharing the history and culture of the pilgrimage. Our Self-Guided tours can be tailored to your group’s exact needs. We organise everything so that all you have to do is walk!

Self-Guided Tours

Via Francigena Tours offers a range of self guided tours throughout the Via Francigena pilgrimage route. Below are some of our most popular tours and we also offer offer fully flexible, tailormade tours. Contact us for more information.

Canterbury to Dover Self-Guided Tour

The tour begins outside Canterbury Cathedral from the zero kilometre milestone. It continues on to UNESCO sites and into the English countryside and romantic villages to Dover.


Calais to Reims Guided Tour

Our 10 day tour is designed to give a taste of the Via Francigena in France. It covers almost 400 km from Calais to Reims along the path that Archbishop Sigeric walked in AD 990 on his return journey from Rome to Canterbury. This tour aim to satisfy the needs of the modern day pilgrim and has something for everyone.


Lausanne to Grand-St-Bernard Pass Guided Tour

The tour begins at Lausanne Cathedral and continues around Lake Geneva. There are magnificent views of the French Alps and the lake as you walk through the UNESCO listed Lavaux vineyards. Then walk through the Rhône Valley and into the towering Swiss Alps to Grand-St-Bernard Pass.


Montefiascone to Rome

Walk the last 100 km of the Via Francigena from Montefiascone to Rome and receive your pilgrim Testimonium at St Peter’s Basilica. Continue reading to discover more about this tour.


Siena to Montefiascone

Walk the Via Francigena from Siena to Montefiascone and discover the best of Tuscany and Lazio! Continue reading for more information.


Lucca to Siena

Enjoy the hilltop towns, walled cities and magic landscape walking the Via Francigena from Lucca to Siena. Continue reading to discover more about this amazing walk in Tuscany!


Customised Tour

If you have a specific part of the Via Francigena that you would like to explore, we can design a tour to suit your needs.

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Customer Testimonials

I am still trying to drink it all in … what an amazing journey over the past month … great lodgings … beautiful country of Italy … everything went smoothly … all we had to do was walk!

Lucca to Rome, Aaron and Teresa

Your service has exceeded all my expectations and I wish you continued success.

Besançon to Grand-St-Bernard Pass, Jenny and Sue

Your trip arrangements, details carefully taken care, organization and personal assistance during our journey were impeccable.

Lausanne to Châtillon, Cesar and Heliosa

Guided Tours

Via Francigena Tours offers guided tours based on popular routes throughout the Via Francigena. We are developing some exciting new Guided Tours for 2024 so stay tuned for details.

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Sigeric and Glastonbury

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Viterbo and the Via Francigena

Viterbo is an exciting Via Francigena destination! It is quite a large city with heaps to see! Viterbo earned its name as the ‘City of the Popes’! So visit Viterbo to find out how it earned this name! Start with a walk through Christian history visiting its many Cathedrals and churches. At the same time,...
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Montefiascone and the Via Francigena

Montefiascone Via Francigena History and Culture Montefiascone has played an important role in history of the Via Francigena pilgrimage. Today, walking the last 100 km from Montefiascone to Rome is a Testimonium requirement. There are many amazing places to see in Montefiascone. Also, there are fabulous views to enjoy from the hilltop town. Best of...
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Italian Tour Highlights

What to expect on our Italian Guided or Self-Guided walking tours

Our Mission

Via Francigena Tours aims to make the amazing Canterbury to Rome pilgrimage available to everyone. Also, we like to pamper our pilgrims so that all they have to do is walk. This means, we believe in the importance of taking the time to simply put one foot in front of the other and there is no better path to do this on than the ancient Via Francigena.

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