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Canterbury to Dover

Tour Description

Via Francigena Tours offers a 4 day self-guided tour from Canterbury to Dover. This tour marks the beginning of the long Via Francigena pilgrimage from Canterbury to Rome. It begins at Canterbury Cathedral at the zero kilometre milestone and a Pilgrim’s Blessing and ends 31 km away in Dover. The walk is steeped in history from prehistory to present day reminders of war time heroes. The landscape and tiny villages are so romantically English! And the Kent food delicious, especially Kent tea. It is a place of Castles and Cathedrals and the world famous ruins of UNESCO St Augustine’s Abbey.

What to Expect

The walk follows the well-worn and sign-posted North Downs Way through fields, pastures and woods. You walk through English villages with interesting names like Patrixbourne, Womenswold, Shepherdswell with thatched cottages and ancient churches.

There are two walking stages. VFE01 is a 16 km walk from Canterbury to Shepherdswell. VFE02 is a 15 km walk from Shepherdswell to Dover. Since there is no accommodation in Shepherdswell we have designed a tour with two nights’ accommodation in Canterbury. This means arriving in Canterbury and walking to Shepherdswell the next day. Then take the train back to Shepherdswell and stay in Canterbury. On the third day take the train back to Shepherdswell and walk to Dover. However, for those who enjoy a long walk it is possible to walk Canterbury to Dover in one day!


Day 1Arrive in Canterbury

Arrive in Canterbury and check into Hotel. Then visit Canterbury Cathedral for a Pilgrim Blessing and a Pilgrim Credential stamp. After that visit some of the historic places in Canterbury. Finally, relax in the evening dining at an English pub!

Day 2VFE01 Walk from Canterbury to Shepherdswell (16 km)

The pilgrimage begins at the zero kilometre milestone outside Canterbury Cathedral. Then continues past the ruins of St Augustine’s Abbey, and St Martin’s church to Pilgrim’s Way. After an enjoyable walk through the English countryside arrive at the delightful village of Patrixbourne. Then there is a pleasant walk to Womenswold with its romantic thatched cottages and village church. After that continue through forests and fields to Shepherdswell.

Day 3VFE02 Walk from Shepherdswell to Dover (15 km)

It is an easy, level walk 15 km walk to Dover mostly through fields and woods and charming villages. First there is a walk to Waldershire with its manor house and historic All Saints church. Then, a somewhat challenging walk through cow paddocks and fields of crops to Pineham. Finally, the journey ends at St Paul’s church in Dover and a visit to historic places and a walk along the White Cliffs. Then in the evening enjoy a taste of Dover’s local foods and wine.

Day 4Dover

The self-guided tour from Canterbury to Dover ends after breakfast and hotel check out.

Tour Details
Tour prices below are indicative and can fluctuate seasonally. Final tour price depends on your specific itinerary and dates.

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Price Includes

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