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Guided Tours

Guided Tours

Our guided tour service offers a unique and immersive experience for travelers looking to explore a new destination. Our tours are led by experienced and knowledgeable guides who are passionate about sharing their expertise and love of the destination.

Our tours are carefully curated to ensure that you get the most out of your trip by visiting the most popular and iconic landmarks, as well as the hidden gems that only locals know about. In addition to visiting famous sites, our guides will provide you with a deeper understanding of the history, culture, and customs of the destination, giving you a truly authentic experience.

We offer a wide range of tours, from walking tours to city tours, and from cultural tours to historical tours, ensuring that there is something for everyone. Our tours are tailored to accommodate different interests and fitness levels, so whether you’re a history buff, a foodie, or an art lover, we have a tour that will suit your needs.

Our tours are designed to be small and intimate, allowing for a more personalized experience. We believe that travel should be about creating memories, not just ticking off sights, so we strive to make our tours as interactive and engaging as possible.

For an example of a popular guided tour, our “Taste of Tuscany” please see below and contact us to get more information on the process and book now!

Taste of Tuscany - Example Tour

Our special ‘Taste of Tuscany’ tour aims to tantalise the taste buds and stimulate the creative mind. This tour begins in historic Florence and passes through Italy’s best food and wine region, Tuscany! Along the way we stop at spectacular spots for hands on sketching and photography classes. You will take home great memories of the unique food, wine, art and Tuscan landscape.

Start Location

Florence, Italy (Google Map)

End Location

Acquapendente, Italy (Google Map)

Price Includes

  • 8 Nights Accommodation
  • Tour Guide
  • Luggage Transportation
  • Chauffeur Service Between Sites
  • 4x Evening Meals
  • 2x Cooking Classes
  • Photography Tuition
  • Sketching Tuition

Price Excludes

  • Any Private Expenses
  • City TaxesBetween €1-9 per night
  • Travel Insurance
  • Transfers to Florence & from Acquapendente
  • Entry Fees
What to Expect

‘Taste of Tuscany’ is a walking tour along the Via Francigena taking you through the most picturesque Tuscan vistas. Our guides will not only lead you along the walking trails, they will also provide unique photography and sketching tuition. You taste buds will be tantalised by the foods and wines of Tuscany, especially during our wine tours and cooking classes. Our chauffeur will keep you entertained with his unique knowledge of the Tuscan surroundings.

  • English speaking tour guides
  • English-speaking Italian chauffeur
  • Sketching tuition by highly qualified and experienced artist
  • Photography tuition by professional photographer
  • Tours of vineyards
  • Two cooking classes

Day 1, Friday 4th SeptemberArrive in Florence

Our tour begins in Florence. We arrive at our hotel and meet for refreshments and introductions. In the afternoon we take a stroll through Florence visiting the famous fashion streets, Ponte Vecchio and the Duomo. Along the way we stop for a sketch and a photograph. In the evening we meet for a welcome dinner and experience the Florentine cuisine and wines.

Day 2, Saturday 5th SeptemberTour of Florence

In the morning we visit a selection of famous Florentine monuments, Churches and Art Museums. For lunch we sample the local produce at the Mercato Centrale Firenze food markets. In the afternoon we have a sunset photography and sketch walk. This is followed by a sunset dinner and relaxation in the hotel’s ultramodern conservatory.

Day 3, Sunday 6th SeptemberTravel to Siena

We begin the day with a scenic bus trip to Siena. We make our way to our hotel and begin our introduction to Siena. Then we take a lunch time casual stroll through Siena admiring the vistas, the famous churches and the ancient streets. We visit the Duomo and nearby Museums. In the evening we enjoy a sunset photography and sketch walk, followed by a sunset dinner.

Day 4, Monday 7th SeptemberTour of Siena

We enjoy siena, visiting the monuments and museums in the morning. Then we have lunch and an afternoon walk around Siena tasting the local culinary specialties. We enjoy more photography and sketching around the ancient streets. And in the evening another sunset dinner.

Day 5, Tuesday 8th SeptemberBuonconvento to Montalcino vineyards

Our walking tour begins with a 7 km walk from Siena to Chiesa di San Pietro a Paterno with its panormaic views of Siena where we stop for some sketching and photography. Then we meet our chauffeur and drive to Buonconvento stopping at Cuna, Quincino and Ponte d’Arbia for a pilgrim’s break, sketching and photography. We stop at Buonconvento, tour the medieval town and then walk 8 km to Caparzo vineyards. Here we have a pilgrim’s break with some wine tasting and more sketching and photography. Then we meed our chauffeur again and drive to our Agriturismo in Radicofani. Here we enjoy a 5 course dinner with specialities of the region.

Day 6, Wednesday 9th SeptemberSan Quirico d'Orcia to Bagno Vignoni

Our chauffeur drives us to San Quirico d’Orcia to begin our walk. After a quick visit of the town we walk 6 km to Vignoni Alto for some sketching and photography. Then we walk 2 km to Bagno Vignoni and stop for a pilgrim’s break and more sketching and photography. Our chauffeur meets us at Bagno Vignoni and takes us for an afternoon’s drive and wine tasting along the Orcia Wine Trail. We finish at Bagnio San Filippo for a swim in the thermal baths. The best is yet to come – we drive to our Agriturismo at Radicofani and enjoy a cooking class preparing a complete menu for our evening’s meal!

Day 7, Thursday 10th SeptemberRadicofani to Proceno

We begin the day with a drive to Abbadia San Salvatore where we visit the Abbey and stop for some sketching and photography. Then we drive to Radicofani and visit the hilltop town and stop for some more sketching and photography. Then we enjoy a 10 km walk to Ponte a Rigo with opportunities for more art works. Our walk ends at Ponte a Rigo where our chauffeur meets us and we drive to Proceno Castle. After settling into the Castle we enjoy a sunset walk around Proceno. Then we dine at the Castle in the evening.

Day 8, Friday 11th SeptemberProceno and Pitigliano

Today we have a rest day from walking and focus on food and wine. Our chauffeur drives us to Pitigliano to visit the surreal hilltop town, also known as Little Jerusalem. Then we have a guided tour and lunch at a famous vineyard near Pitigliano. We return to Proceno castle where we work in the Castle’s kitchen preparing its time-honoured recipes. In the evening we enjoy our cooking!

Day 9, Saturday 12th SeptemberProceno

The day begins with breakfast in one of the Castle’s restaurants. Then we have a private tour of the Castle. After that our tour comes to an end.


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