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Viterbo and the Via Francigena

Viterbo is an exciting Via Francigena destination! It is quite a large city with heaps to see! Viterbo earned its name as the ‘City of the Popes’! So visit Viterbo to find out how it earned this name! Start with a walk through Christian history visiting its many Cathedrals and churches. At the same time, […]


Montefiascone and the Via Francigena

Montefiascone Via Francigena History and Culture Montefiascone has played an important role in the history of the Via Francigena. The Via Francigena pilgrim route is based on a diary written in 990 CE by Sigeric the Serious when he became Archbishop of Canterbury. This meant he had to travel all the way to Rome to […]


Via Francigena Proceno to Acquapendente

Via Francigena Proceno to Acquapendente is an alternative route in Stage 37. There are many reasons for choosing this variant. Firstly, it avoids Via Cassia traffic. Most importantly, the well-preserved family owned Castle is a highlight of the medieval town. Also, along with Acquapendente, it is an entry point of the Via Francigena to Lazio. […]


Montefiascone to Rome Via Francigena

Via Francigena Montefiascone to Rome is the last 100 km of the Via Francigena from Canterbury to Rome. Walking this last 100 km is a requirement for receiving the pilgrim Testimonium in Rome. There are six stages to walk which take six days or longer for a slower more relaxed walk. Every stage if filled […]

Ponte d'Arbia

Via Francigena Stage 35 from Ponte d’Arbia

Via Francigena Stage 35 Via Francigena Stage 35 from Ponte d’Arbia to San Quirico d’Orcia is a demanding walk with steep ascents and long distance. On this walk you will visit three of Sigeric’s Stopovers. It begins at Ponte d’Arbia which was his XIV or 14th place of rest, Arbia. Then on to Torrenieri, his […]

Ponte d'Arbia

Ponte d’Arbia Sigeric’s Stopover XIV

Ponte d’Arbia is Sigeric’s Stopover XIV along the Via Francigena pilgrim route. This means it was his 14th overnight stop on his way home to Canterbury in 990 AD. ‘Arbia’ was its name in Sigeric’s day. Ponte d’Arbia is located on the slopes of the Crete Senesi, the ancient desert of Accona. Water partly submerged […]

Rome Sigeric's Stopover I Urbs Roma

Rome Sigeric’s Stopover I Urbs Roma

Rome Urbs Roma Sigeric’s Stopover I Rome is Sigeric’s Stopover I, Urbs Roma. It is the place where Archbishop Sigeric began his return journey to Canterbury in 990 AD. He had just walked all the way from Canterbury to Rome. His top priority was to visit the Pope and receive his Archbishop vestment called a […]